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Search for a machine
It's easy to find the right machine. You can use the search in the sidebar which allows you to search by manufacturer, model, type, subtype, description or stockcode. Use this option if you know what you are looking for.

The second option is to narrow down your search with the help of the quick search box found on the homepage. After selecting one of the five options the other four options will be updated so you can easily narrow the amount of results untill you get an overview of machines you are looking for.

Enquiry process
After making an enquiry your enquiry will follow the process as shown in the picture below. You will get a confirmation of the enquiry. The owner of the machine will receive a notification email with the message that there is a new enquiry waiting in his member area. UMTN will receive a notification as well which will enable us to track your enquiry.

After the enquiry has been made the owner of the machine will get the rest of the day plus two working days to logon to UMTN, go to his member area and get the enquiry details. If the dealer does not do this within the expiration period the enquiry will be locked and a notification email will be send to the user who made the enquiry. The user now has the option to re-activate the enquiry or choose to look for another machine on When the user chooses to re-activate the enquiry another email will be send to the owner of the machine with a notification that the enquiry has been expired and re-activated.

From the moment you make your enquiry you will be able to track the status of the enquiry in your user area. This will also provide the opportunity to communicate to UMTN customer support staff through the internal messaging system.

Need help or have a question? Feel free to contact the customer support team using this form.
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